Dead Can Dance Library

of the Obscure and Bootleg

[07] Rare/Promo Videos
This section lists all 4AD/non-4AD videos - promos, rares, and sundry obscure items. A couple industry tapes snuck in as well, along with a few audience-recorded concert tapes.

All Virgos Are Mad [07A0001]

Duality, Sales Presentation Video [07D0001] [*]
Promotional VHS tape

Lonely is an Eyesore [07L0001]

Lonely is an Eyesore [07L0003]
Japanese edition

Sanvaen video [07S0001] [*]
Promotional VHS tape

The Carnival is Over [07T0001] [*]
Promotional VHS tape

The Mastering Studio [07T00015]
Promotional VHS tape

Toward the Within [07T0002]

Warner Brothers Alt. Marketing Video Comp [07W0001]
Promo VHS tape

Yulunga (Spirit Dance) [07Y0001]
Warner Bros. Promotional VHS tape