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This section lists bootleg CDs. The cutoff for what is a "real" bootleg is odd, but I have included any unauthorized full CD, CD single, or "various artist" CD, containing a Dead Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard, or Brendan Perry song. Added to this, the CD MUST contain inserts of reasonable quality. No unlabeled CDRs in a jewel box with handwritten info are included.

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Numbered Bootlegs

#1 mp3 Encyclopedia [01##0001]

#2 mp3 Encyclopedia [01##0002]

(1) [01#0001]
Russian MP3 CD

(1) [01#00015]
Alternate CD cover, Russian MP3 CD

1982 Concerts [01#0002]

1984-2001 [01#00025]
MP3 2CD set

(2) [01#0003]
Russian MP3 CD

2 in 1 [01#0004]
Aion, Spleen and Ideal

2 in 1 [01#00055]
Spleen and Ideal, Within the Realm of a Dying Sun

2 in 1 [01#00058]
The Serpent's Egg, Aion

2 in 1 [01#00059]
The Serpent's Egg, Within the Realm of a Dying Sun

3 in 2 #1 [01#0006]
Spiritchaser, Into the Labyrinth, Towards the Within

3 in 2 #2 [01#0007]
Dead Can Dance, The Mirror Pool, Duality


A Design for Living [01A00005]

A Design For Living, Italy 1987 [01A00003] [ph] New

A Familiar Tale [01A00007] [ph] New

A Journey to the Unknown [01A00008] [ph] New

A Night in Detroit 1994 [01A00009] [ph] New

A Night in London 1987 [01A000095] [ph] New
"Carnival of Light"

Acoustic Amulet [01A0001]
Brendan Perry

Against All Odds [01A00015] [*]

Ailema [01A0002]

Aion [01A0003]

Al Jorn Del Judici [01A00035] [ph] New

All Vir Session 1981-1984 [01A0004] [*]
Rumored to exist - CDR only?

Anabasis of Holland 2013, The [01A00042] [ph] New

Anabasis of Holland 2013, The [01A00043] [ph] New

Apple Tree [01A00045] [ph] New

Arcane, Bremen 1986, The [01A00047] [ph] New

Autumn Leaves [01A00048] [ph] New

Awakening [01A0005]


Beat of an Old Slave Drum, The [01B00005] [ph] New

Beauty, Peace and Love [01B00008] [ph] New

Belgium 12/93 [01B0001] [*]

Beneath the Veil [01B00013] [ph] New

Best [01B00015] [*]
Another A Passage in Time cover

Best [01B00017] [ph] New

Best [01B0002] [*]
Spiritchaser cover

Best, The [01B00023]
The Best series - focus on DCD

Best of, The [01B00024]
Turtle Cover

Best of, The [01B00025]
A Passage in Time cover

Beyond The Black [01B00026] [ph] New

Black Sun Ceremony [01B00028]

Blood Stains [01B00029] [ph] New

Broken Love [01B000295] [ph] New

Buried in Music [01B0003]


Cardinal Sin, The [01C00005]

Cast Adrift [01C00007] [ph] New

Cavan Lakes and Vales Festival 1991 [01C0001] [*]

Celestial [01C0002] [*]
Rumored to exist

Chasing Shadows [01C00025] [ph] New

Chosen Survivor [01C0003] [*]

Closer to Heaven [01C0004]

Currents to Break Our Fragile Boats [01C0008] [ph] New


Dancing in Rings Of Laughter [01D00005] [ph] New

Dark Christ-Mas [01D0001]

Dark Shadows [01D00015] [ph] New

Das Boot, The Final Voyage [01D0002]
Bootleg 2-CD set, various artists

Dead Can Dance [01D0003] [*]
"Bull-head brand on wood" cover

Deux Titres "Live" (1994) [01D0004]
Also known as La Bas Live [*]

Dr. Profundis +12 [01D0005] [*]
Rumored to exist

Dreams and Desires, Early 4AD Demos [01D0006]
Brown cover version, various artists, bootleg of the tape set

Dreams and Desires, Early 4AD Demos [01D0007] [*]
Cream cover version, various artists, bootleg of the tape set.

Dreams Made Flesh [01D00075]
This is the CD portion of the "Dreams Made Flesh" set, numbered and limited.

Dreams Made Flesh [01D00078]

Dreams Made of Sand [01D00079] [ph] New

Dreams of Requited Love [01D000793] [ph] New

Dresden - Germany, 16th Nov. 2007 [01D000795] [ph] New

Duality [01D0008] [*]
Russian bootleg

Duality [01D0009]
Marked as Dead Can Dance, but it is Lisa Gerrard.


Eden [01E00008] [ph] New

Embrace the Light [01E000015] [ph] New

Enigma of the Absolute [01E0002]

Enshrined in Funeral Clay [01E000022] [ph] New

Ethnic & Mystery World, The [01E00025]
DCD, except tracks 2,3,9,10 are VAS from the fake Sevdance CD

Europe 1987 [01E0003]

Exit to Eden [01E0004]

Extermination Angels [01E00045] [ph] New

Eye of the Hunter [01E0005]
Brendan Perry


Far From the Metropolis [01F00005] [ph] New

Fatal Impact [01F0001] [*]
Rumored to exist

Favored Rhymes [01F00015] [ph] New

Fear of Flight, the [01F0002] [ph] New

For a While ... [01F0004] [ph] New

Forlorn Somnambulistic Maniacal [01F00045] [ph] New

Fountain of Renewal, The [01F0006] [ph] New

France 1985 [01F00065] [ph] New

From the Ocean [01F0007] [ph] New
Dead Can Dance & Cocteau Twins

Ghost [01G00003] [ph] New

Ghost of Seraphim, The [01G00005] [*]

Gods Into Clay [01G00006] [ph] New

Golden Age, The [01G00007]
Subtitled "Expression of Emotions"

Golden Collection [01G00009]
New item, Added 10.09.06

Gothic Spleens [01G0001]

Gothic Spleens [01G00015]
digipack edition

Greek Theatre [01G0002] [*]

Grieve For The Girl [01G0005] [ph] New


Hard to Find [01H0001] [*]

Hearts of Space [01H00015]

Here and Ever After, The [01H00017] [ph] New

Here in the Garden [01H00018] [ph] New

Hidden Gems [01H0002]

Hidden Treasures, The [01H0003]
Gold cover

Hidden Treasures, The [01H0004]
Blue cover, red shroud

High and Dry [01H00045] [ph] New

Human Game Remix, The [01H0005] [*]
Israeli bootleg

Human Game Remix, The [01H0006] [*]
Blown seeds cover

Human Games, The [01H0007]

Hymn For the Fallen: Poland '05 [01H0009] [ph] New

Idols Out of Mortals [01I00003] [ph] New

In the Kingdom of the Blind... [01I00005]

Indie 90 [01I0001] [*]
Israeli: tracks - "Radharc"

Influences from the Middle Age [01I0002]

Into the Labyrinth [01I0003]
Chinese bootleg - "black CD"

Into the Labyrinth [01I00035] [*]
Russian bootleg - small inserts

Into the Labyrinth [01I0004] [*]
Russian bootleg - large, blue inserts

KCRW Interviews with Dead Can Dance [01K0001] [*]

KCRW Interviews with Lisa Gerrard [01K0002] [*]

Keeper, The [01K0004] [ph] New


Last Embrace [01L00005] [ph] New

Last Night in Paris [01L0001] [*]

Let the Fires Burn [01L00015] [ph] New

Life Force [01L00018] [ph] New

Lisa Live - Dusseldorf [01L0002] [*]

Live 1992 [01L0003] [*]

Live at The Elysee [01L0004]

Live at Elysee Montmartre 1988 [01L00045] [ph] New

Live at The Forum [01L0005]

Live in France 1993 [01L00055]

Live at the I.C.A. [01L0006] [*]

Live at the Philadelphia Theatre of Living Art [01L0007]
Lisa Gerrard, CDR format, the only format available

Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2012 [01L00075] [ph] New

Live at the State Theater... Detroit, MI October 11th 1995 [01L0008] [*]

Live at the Town and Country Club [01L0009] [*]

Live at the Vic [01L0010] [*]

Live in Dallas [01L0011] [*]

Live in Frankfurt [01L0012] [*]

Live in Los Angeles [01L0013] [*]

Live in New York [01L0014]

Live in the USA [01L0015] [*]
Black and red cover

Live in the USA [01L0016]
Gaping mouth cover

Lost Treasures [01L0020] [ph] New


Meditabor [01M0001]

Melancholia, Adagio IV [01M0002]
Bootleg CD, various artists

Melbourne 04.05.1992 [01M00025]
Lisa Gerrard

Mirror Pool Tour, The [01M00027]

Moth [01M00029] [ph] New

Music History [01M0003]

Musikhalle - Hamburg - 10-26-90 [01M0004] [*]

MY3blKA MEANTA4NN [01M0005]

Mystic Hits [01M0006]

Mystical Rain [01M0007]


Napster Remixes [01N0001] [*]

Omen Signs [01O0002] [ph] New

On the Bird Song [01O0005] [ph] New

Painted Sky [01P00005] [ph] New

Palace of Fine Arts [01P0001]

Par Les Fissures [01P00015]

Paramount Theatre - Seattle, Wa. '96 [*] [01P0002] [*]

Philadelphia 1995 [01P0003] [*]

Pray for Dawn [01P0006] [ph] New

Purged From the Inside [01P0009] [ph] New


Radharc [01R00005] [ph] New

Rare Disk 1 [01R0001] [*]

Rare Disk 2 [01R0002] [*]

Rare Traxx [01R0003]

Rising Wind Blows, The [01R00035] [ph] New

Rotterdam, Xavier, 1987 [01R00037] [ph] New

ROUEN Espace Duchamp Villon [01R0004] [*]


Sail [01S000005] [ph] New

Sailing the Seas of Dreaming [01S000007] [ph] New

Sanctuary [01S00001]
Lisa Gerrard

Serpent's Egg, The [01S000015]

Serpent's Egg Tour, The [01S000017]

Sevdance [01S00003]
WARNING!!! This is NOT a Dead Can Dance CD! See [11] Sampled/ Guest Musician/ Books/ Misc for details.

Shades of One [01S00004] [ph] New

Shadows [01S00005]
Lisa Gerrard

Silent Screams [01S00006] [ph] New

Silver Tree [01S00007] [ph] New

Silver Wings [01S00008] [ph] New

Sinful Garden [01S0001]

Snake and the Moon, The [01S00015]

Songs From Another Time [01S00016] [ph] New

Sounds of 4AD, The [01S00017] [*]
(old: "Possible Taiwan bootleg of Lilliput")
UPDATE: This is an official 4AD item. Look for it to appear in section [09] soon.

Spanning the Ages Live 1988-90 excepts [01S0002] [*]

Spiritchase in Frankfurt [01S0003]

Spiritchaser [01S0004]
Russian bootleg

Spirit Dance - Best 2000 [01S0005] [*]

Spleen and Ideal [01S0006] [*]
Russian bootleg

Star Profile [01S0008]

Stathis Remix [01S0009] [*]

Sunflowers [01S0010] [ph] New

Sweet Mnemosyne [01S0012] [ph] New


Temporal Obligations [01T0003] [ph] New

Termeh Frock [01T0005] [ph] New

Touch the Sky [01T0010] [ph] New

Towards the Within [01T0015]
Russian bootleg

Twilight Moons [01T0016]

Twilight Moons [01T0017]
Praying to a bicycle cover


U.S.A. 1993 [01U0001]

Unreleased Tracks Volume 01 [01U0002]

Unreleased Tracks Volume 02 [01U0003]

Unreleased Tracks Volume 03 [01U0004]

Unreleased Tracks Volume 04 [01U0005]

Unreleased Tracks Volume 05 [01U0006]


Wake [01W0001] [*]

What May Lie Beyond [01W00015] [ph] New

Wherever Love May Flow [01W00016] [ph] New

Will Within Wisdom [01W00018] [ph] New

Within the Realm of a Dying Sun [01W0002] [*]
Russian bootleg

Within the Valley Green [01W00025] [ph] New

Woeful Words [01W0006] [ph] New

Xenia - The Best of DCD [01X0001]

Xenia - The Best of DCD [01X0002]
Alternate interior