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Welcome to my Web site. On it I am cataloging Dead Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard, Brendan Perry, and 4AD items - mainly so I can get a handle on what I have in my personal collection and what I still need to acquire. Please come in and check around. If you have any information on items not on this site, please drop me a line with the details.

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News and Updates
17.11.12Listen to Brendan Perry on the track "No Land"
Olivier Mellano, Brendan Perry & Bagad' Cesson worked on "No Land". You can stream or download from here.

17.11.12Brendan Perry did the music for the movie "Dream Song:!
Brendan did the music to Dream Song - a non-English article is here.

17.10.29Lisa featured on the track "Spirit Guide"!
Lisa is featured on "Spirit Guide" track on Engine-Earz Experiment's new album "Symbol". Links to purchasing it here on Lisa's forum.

17.10.23"Pora Sotunda", the advance single, featuring Lisa!!
Lisa is featured on the new album: The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices - Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares!! Links to purchasing it here on Lisa's forum.


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