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News and Updates
12.02.29European Leg of DCD World Tour Dates Announced!

Dates for the Dead Can Dance Europe 2012 leg of the "World Tour" are as follows:


  • 19 HCTAT, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 21 Earth Theatre, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 23 Lycabetus Theatre, Athens, Greece
  • 25 MCV, Utrecht, Holland
  • 27 Grand Rex, Paris, France
  • 29 Cirque Royal, Brussels, Belgium
  • 01 AlteOper, Frankfurt, Germany
  • 03 Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany
  • 05 CCH, Hamburg, Germany
  • 07 Philharmonie, Munich, Germany
  • 08 Philharmonie, Cologne, Germany
  • 10 KCP, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 12 BkzOktyabrsky, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 13 Crocus City Hall, Moscow, Russia
  • 15 SalaKongresowa, Warsaw, Poland
  • 17 Papp Laszlo Arena, Budapest, Hungary
  • 19 TeatroDegliArcimboldi, Milan, Italy
  • 20 Batiment Des Forces Motrices, Geneva, Switzerland
  • 22 Auditori, Barcelona, Spain
  • 24 Casa Da Musica, Porto, Portugal
  • 26 Royal Albert Hall, London, England
  • 28 Grand Canal Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

Full announcement here. Information on ticket sales here.

11.09.17New Lisa Gerrard enewsletter added!
It covers the Insight, and Oranges and Sunshine, film score release. View here.

11.09.17New Lisa Gerrard enewsletter added!
It covers the Trail of Genghis Khan CD release.View here.

11.06.09See Brendan Perry in concert!
Brendan Perry is touring now. I, myself, am more of a fan of his older work so I went with modest expectations. So my review is short and to the point: Go see him! The concert was amazing!

He played last night at Neumos and was dual billed with Robin Guthrie (of Cocteau Twins). Robin played from 9-10pm and produced a fine set.

At 10:30 Brendan took stage with his four other bandmates and proceeded to enrapture everyone until 11:45.

I am horrible at remembering sets - but someone else put the set list up:

  1. Tree of Life
  2. In Power We Entrust the Love Advocated
  3. Love on the Vine
  4. The Carnival is Over
  5. Golden Rule
  6. Eros and Psyche
  7. A Passage in Time
  8. Icarus
  9. Song of the Siren
  10. This Boy
  11. Wintersun
  12. Utopia
  13. Encore:
  14. Severance
  15. Spirit
And the evening started off with my asking Brendan Perry, as he walked back to the venue after getting some dinner, to sign my copy of a Marching Girl single and to sign next to Simon Monroe's signature in my Fast Forward insert. Brendan was very, very nice. He shook my hand and took my short statements of appreciation in stride.

On stage, he seemed in great spirits and his voice nailed it all. (Towards the end of the show some people from the neighboring bar asked who the band was, and when told, they marveled at the singers amazing voice!

Brendan - this show, this line-up, this set list... this should be your next released album: a CD of this live show. You are magnificent on stage.


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