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  Unreleased Tracks Volume One
DCDL#: 01U0002
PUBLISHING DATA Released by (primarily) "Dead Can Dance Within" Web site.
GENERAL INFORMATION The "Unreleased" series was released by a couple different people working together. The various folks printed had their own inserts printed - so the artwork should be the same, the quality of the print might be different.
  Insert (cover) - 1-color (deep magenta) on standard paper. Either the printing, or one side of the paper, is glossy. (It might be a type of photo paper.)
  Disk 1 (face) - B&W paper label on a CDR. (Though it might be slightly lavender at well...)
  U-Card (front) - 1-color (deep magenta) on standard paper - just like the insert, includes a complete track listing.
01 Inner Life  
02 Daylight  
03 Yours  
04 Labour Of Love  
05 The Children's Toys  
06 Yan T'Chin Song  
07 Instrumental In Southampton  
08 Shanga  
09 Ash Song  
10 Adha Song  
11 A Poison Tree  
12 Our Kingdom  
13 Deckra  
14 Accord  
15 Clap Along Song  
16 I Don't Believe In Anymore  
17 Santora  
18 Ondra Reist I  
19 Ondra Reist II  
20 Ondra Reist III  
21 Rami  
22 East Of The River  
23 Matawa  
24 Svatba  
25 Heavenly Bodies And Lisa Gerrard