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  Hearts of Space
DCDL#: 01H00015
PUBLISHING DATA None on product
GENERAL INFORMATION Heart of Space with Dead Can Dance: Radiobroadcast with Steven Hill. Running time: 58:54
  Insert (cover) - single sheet with a gloss on the cover, this seems to have been printed via a nice printer (rather than going through full printing press)
no image
  Insert (back) - white, no image
  Disk (face) - a full-disk, color sticker on the back of a real (non-CDR) CD
  U-Card (face) - as the Insert, but the CD ends are not perferated, lists the tracks, full title, and running time
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  U-Card (back) - white, no image
01 yulunga (spirit dance)  
02 towards the within  
03 windfall  
04 persephone (the gathering of flowers)  
05 the promised womb  
06 the writing on my fathers hand  
07 the song of the sybil  
08 ascension  
09 circumradiant dawn  
10 the host of the seraphim  
11 wilderness  
12 the carnival is over  
13 ariadne