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  Gothic Spleens
DCDL#: 01G0001
PUBLISHING DATA None on product
GENERAL INFORMATION "Musikhalle Hamburg, October 26, 1990", "Live Radio Broadcast"
  Insert (cover) - B&W cover on standard glossy paper, a single sheet folded
  Insert (back) - B&W cover on standard glossy paper, lists the performance location
  Insert (inside) - B&W on standard glossy paper
  Disk 2 (face) - B&W printing on a CD
  U-Card (front) - B&W cover on standard glossy paper, includes a track listing
no image
  U-Card (back) - white, no image
01 Out of a Serpents Egg  
02 Song of a Sophia Song of Sophia - "The Serpent's Egg"/ track 7, "A Passage in Time"/ track 2
03 Fuaelo Oman - "Toward the Within"/ track 11
04 Song of a Sybil The Song of the Sybil - "Aion"/ track 4, "A Passage in Time (as 'The Song of the Sybil')/ track 12, "Towards the Within"/ track 12
05 Spleens  
06 Arabian Gothic Swans - "The Mirror Pool"/ track 14
07 Cantara  
08 ? (Note: yes, this track is listed as a question mark) Towards the Within - "Into the Labyrinth"/ track 7
09 Lilian Colours  
10 End of an [sic] Circle Rakim - "Toward the Within"/ track 1
Note: No other tracks listed but it states: "+3 Bonus Tracks"  
11   Tristan - "Toward the Within"/ track 13
12   unreleased
13   As the Bell Rings the Maypole Spins - "Aion" / track 6