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  Acoustic Amulet
DCDL#: 01A0001
PUBLISHING DATA None on product
GENERAL INFORMATION "Live at the 4AD Showcase, ICA London 1993" - this is Brendan Perry live
  Insert (cover) - an odd digitized, pixilated cover (maybe it is some nifty graphic design but it looks odd to me) but it seems to be printed. It all looks to be duotone.
  Insert (back) - duotone (as above) - it adds the following info: Tracks 1-8 recorded at the 4AD showcase London 1993, Tracks 9 & 10 recorded live in Paris, Tracks 11 Dead Can Dance out-take, Track 12 recorded with Lisa Gerrard for the Hector Zazou album "Sahara Blue", Track 13 & 14 studio cover versions
  Insert (inside) - duotone - on the left is a picture of Brendan Perry, on the right are the lyrics for "The Captive Heart"
  Disk 1(face) - again, there is a pixelated image (a statue), and there is the track listing (with run times)
  U-Card (front) - B&W, with track listing, ands a note on where the tracks were recorded
no image
  U-Card (back) - white, no image
01 I Can See Now  
02 American Dreaming  
03 The Captive Heart  
04 Sloth  
05 Blues Chaser  
06 The Old Clock  
07 Happy Times  
08 Don't Fade Away  
09 Can You Feel (Sleepwalking)  
10 Dolphins  
11 A Poison Tree  
12 Youth  
13 Dream Letter  
14 Happy Time