In the Wake of Adversity
DCDL#: 21WTROADS2IntheWake
PUBLISHING DATA From album "Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun", Track 03.   1987
LYRICS - Note:  Lyrics confirmed by the 2005 Tour program book.  [sic] notations mark the spelling or grammatical errors in that one source.
Hey Patrice don't cry they have no reason to harm you at all.
They don't realise [sic] that the angels surround you with light.
They don't understand their narrow ways defeat them where they stand.
They don't realise [sic] you hide your sadness behind a painted smile.

Ignorance, that blind old fool who steers a wayward path,
has set the course on which we sail into the night of uncertainty.
Following the stars that make their way across the sky,
Valuing [sic] the love that lends grace to our hearts,
we sail.