In the Kingdom of the Blind the One-Eyed Are Kings
DCDL#: 21TSE2IntheKingdom
PUBLISHING DATA From album "The Serpent's Egg", Track 05.   1988
LYRICS - Note:  Lyrics confirmed by the 2005 Tour program book.  [sic] notations mark the spelling or grammatical errors in that one source.
If it were within our power,
beyond the reach of slavish pride.
To no longer harbour grievances,
behind the mask's opportunists [sic] facade.
We could welcome responsibilty
like a long lost friend,
and re-establish laughter
in the dolls [sic] house once again.
For time has imprisoned us
in the order of our years,
in the discipline of our ways
and in the passing of momentary stillness
we can view our chaos in motion.