Indoctrination (A Design For Living)
DCDL#: 21SAI5Indoctrination
PUBLISHING DATA From album "Spleen and Ideal", Track 09.   1986
LYRICS - Note:  Lyrics confirmed by the 2005 Tour program book.  [sic] notations mark the spelling or grammatical errors in that one source.

In times of great vexation when one must
choose between what's right and wrong.
Freedom, so they say, amounts to the choices you have made.
Through all the arbitrary rationale concerning liberty.
Freedom, I must say, exists within the unconditioned mind.
Reason has come of age. How can you be satisfied with
things the way they are, when all that surrounds us and
so much more remians within the keepers [sic] dark embrace.

The insatiable thirst for power has made;
Idols [sic] out of mortals,
Gods [sic] into clay,
Soldiers [sic] into heros,
children into slaves of damned desire,
their hopes betrayed.
Who will suffer their laws that State can decide
your childs [sic] education unless you pay the price.

Who will suffer the laws
Who will suffer their minds
Who will suffer their words
Who will suffer their designs.