Voyage of Bran
DCDL#: 21EOTH2VoyageofBran
PUBLISHING DATA From album "Eye of the Hunter", Track 02.   1999
LYRICS - Note:  Lyrics confirmed by the Eye of the Hunter CD.
Father father
Can you tell me
Where the hours go
Where time flows?
Is it written in the stars
Upon the milky way
That we must burn bright
Before we fade away?

Mother Mother
Can you tell me
Where the fire goes
When the flames cease?
"From the ashes to the astral plain
Where the setting sun meets the sea. Brendan"

I live by the river
Where the old gods still dream
Of inner communion
With the open sea

Through the eye of a hunter
In search of a prey
Neither beast nor human
In my philosophy

If you don't recognize me
Well it's simply because
I've outgrown these old clothes
Time to move on

For you and I will outlive
The masks life gave us
When this shadowplay comes
To a close