Black Sun
DCDL#: 21A3BlackSun
PUBLISHING DATA From album "Aion", Track 04.   1990
LYRICS - Note:  Lyrics confirmed by the 2005 Tour program book.  [sic] notations mark the spelling or grammatical errors in that one source.
Murderer! Man of fire.
Murderer! I"ve [sic] seen the eyes of living dead.
It's the same game. Survival.
The great mass play a waiting game.
Embalmed, crippled, dying in fear of pain,
all sense of freedom gone.

Black sun in a white world.
Like having a black sun in a white world.

I have a son, his name is eden [sic].
It's his birthright beyond estranged times.

Give me 69 years, another season in this hell.
It's all sex and death as far as eyes can tell.
Like Prometheus we are bound.
Chained to this rock of a brave new world.
Our god forsaken lot.
And I feel thats [sic] all we have ever needed to
know until worlds end and the seas run cold [sic]
Give me 69 years, another season in this hell.
There is sex and death in mother natures [sic] plans.