Emigre 9 magazine
DCDL#: 13_EM8800009
PUBLISHING DATA 1988, Number 9
GENERAL INFORMATION Emigre is a publication about graphic design. This entire issue is dedicated to 4AD and its graphic design. Note: the booklets listed below came with the Emigre issue when I, personally, ordered it directly from Emigre. It is unclear if they came with every order of issue 9.
  Cover - 11 1/2"x17" 3-color (burgundy/orange/white) cover on thick paper
  Inside (page 13) - contains images of This Mortal Coil's "It'll End in Tears"
  Inside (page 17) - contains a long quote from Brendan Perry
  Inside (page 20) - contains an image of "Lonely is an Eyesore" album
  Catalog - right at the center of the issue is a catalog of 4AD releases including Dead Can Dance and associated releases
  Booklet 01 - this is a 62 page booklet on fonts - "Various Types", it is a sell sheet for various Emigre fonts
  Booklet 02 - this is a 31 page booklet on fonts - "Puzzler", covers fonts that are patterns
  Booklet 03 - this is a 31 page booklet on the font Vista, it is a sell sheet on the strength and styles of the various versions of Vista
  Booklet 04 - this is a 62 page booklet on fonts - "Little Book of Love Letters", subtitled "The Emigre Type Catalog Volume I"
  Postcard 01 - this is a promotional postcard with information about "handmade ceramics by Zuzana Licko" which, apparently, can be purchased periodically from the Emigre Web site