Elegy magazine
DCDL#: 13_EL0312031
PUBLISHING DATA No. 31, Decembre/Jahvier
  Cover - Full-color cover, full-color interior, full printed magazine on standard glossy paper - Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy are mentioned on the cover
  Page 1 (of article) - pg. 36 of the magazine, includes an artsy image of Patrick Cassidy and Lisa Gerrard
  Page 2 (of article) - pg. 37 of the magazine, begins the article proper (a Q&A with Lisa and Partick), includes a "discographie selective" for both
  Page 3 (of article) - pg. 38 of the magazineconcludes the article proper
  Page 4 (of article) - pg. 39 of the magazine, contains an artsy picture of Lisa Gerrard (and no text)