Dead Can Dance 2005 International Tour Itinerary Booklet
DCDL#: 11_012005II02
PUBLISHING DATA none on item
GENERAL INFORMATION This is the crew booklet listing the tour itinerary, including dates/locations and the contacts for: tour coordinator, travel, accounts, freight, agent, hotels, bussing, and merchandising.

This booklet contains 23 pages. I am only showing the first couple pages. All pages after the first "date" page are the same in format, varying only in the location info.

This itinerary is for Tuesday, April 10th through Thursday, April 30th - with a first booklet covering the earlier shows.
  Booklet (cover) - B&W photocopy - itinerary overview, listing date/country/city/venue/Cap(capacity). This is probably a copy given to a crew member after their original was lost. (Or maybe too few were made.) The notes inside indicate it is a working booklet though.
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  Booklet (back) - White, no image
  Booklet (pages 01&02) - (at left) no image, white, (at right) contact/crew overview - NOTE: I have blacked out the phone/email contact data
  Booklet (pages 05&06) - (at left) no image, white, (at right) first date page, including details of travel/scheduled event/general notes and details of lodging - NOTE: I have blacked out the phone/email contact data