Alternakitty, Alternative Sampler
DCDL#: 09A0001
PUBLISHING DATA 1996 Mercury/Polydor, Promotional Only
GENERAL INFORMATION Apparently this was an inhouse project simply to gain a smidgeon of immortality for the cats shown on the cover and back for the insert. Here is an exerpt from the paragraph in the inside of the booklet: "If you're wondering what cats have to do with new music...well it's because we love both and thought it would be a great opportunity to give our friends in the industry a chance to flaunt their beloved felines for CD cover immortality. ...", "... Happy listening and break out a bag of Tender Vittles for us. Steve *****, Marketing, Mercury/Polydor"
  Insert (cover) - full color picture of 25 cats, each with a little number associated with it. These numbers match numbers in the inside of this insert - whcih lists the cat's name, owner, and the Mercury/Polydor (and associated) department.
  Insert (back) - as the insert cover, but cats 26 to 50 are listed.
  Insert (interior) - b&w text, lists all cat's names, owner's names, and business department.
  Disk (face) - no track data here, lists name of CD: Alternakitty: Alternative Sampler
  U-Card (face) - lists the tracks, playing time and original CD source - plus all the normal copyright stuff. Oh, and has 3 pictures here of cats not listed on the insert.
no image
  U-Card (back) - white, no image
01 "The Wedge Paradiso" - Dick Dale  
02 "How Bizzare (radio mix)" - OMC  
03 "Empower" - downset  
04 "Down" - 311  
05 "Circle K Girl" - The Lemons  
06 "Canyon" - Kelley Deal 6000  
07 "Sandstorm" - Cast  
08 "You're One" - Imperial Teen  
09 "Love And The Lack Of It" - Syd Straw  
10 "Beautiful Day" - Nicolette  
11 "The Snake And The Moon" - Dead Can Dance  
12 "The Box" Orbital  
13 "Stakes Is high" - De La Soul  
14 "Gold" - Lamb  
15 "Rather Be" - Prescott Curlywolf  
16 "Bully Boy" - Shed Seven  
17 "I Believe" - Booth & The Bad Angel  
18 "Release Yo' Delf (Prodigy Mix)" - Method Man  
19 "Wish You Were Here" - Cathering Wheel  
20 "Light My Fire" - Mike Flowers Pops  
21 "Democracy" - Leonard Cohen