The Cardboard Box
DCDL#: 06C00003
PUBLISHING DATA Released by Unforgettable Music, thru Missing Link in 1980 - Surgery by Lynoleum
GENERAL INFORMATION This is a 3-single set. Each 45 comes in a normal, plain 45 sleeve, which then has an outer sleeve with images on it. This outer sleeve is simply a 7" x 14" piece of paper folded in half with each 45 slipped inside.
  Box (cover) - This 1/2 inch thick box houses 3 singles. "The Cardboard Box", Unforgettable Music 2 single set, is how it is billed. The cover goes on to list each band and the tracks they play.
no image
  Box (back) - no printing, nor images, on the bottom of the box

Sleeve 1 (cover) - Band: Microfilm, 45 title: Centerfold

  Sleeve 1 (back) - Oddly, this 45 has two "Side B"s. So, Side B track is "Centerfold" and Side B track is "Window".

Piano, strings & vocals: Liza Gerrard, guitar: Marshall Butters, bass guiter: Nique Delaney, drums: Shane Brown, guitars: Gordon Pitts

Produced by: Ron Rude, Artwork: David Aspin, Special Thanx to Bob Pile

  45 Record 1 (cover) - "Centerfold" written by Gerrard, Pitts, Butters - 2.46
  45 Record 1 (back) - "Window" written by Gerrard, Pitts, Butters - 2.31
  Sleeve 2 (cover) - Band: The Fabulous Marquises
  Sleeve 2 (back) - Side B track is "1,2,3, factory" and Side A track is "honeymoons".

Vocals & guitar: Mr. Pierre, guitar & synth: Edward Clayton-Jones, piano & organ: Katherine Denney, bass guitar: Chris Walsh

Produced by: Mr Pierre & Ron Rude, Cvoer Art: Tony Clark, Thanks to Bronwyn, Leigh, Laurie, Sean & James

  45 Record 2 (cover) - "Honeymoons" written by Mr. Pierre
  45 Record 2 (back) - "1-2-3 Factory" written by Mr. Pierre
  Sleeve 3 (cover) - Ron Rude's Piano Piano b/w The Chessmen's Excursion
  Sleeve 3 (back) - The tracks aren't listed here.

Vocals: Ron Rude, keyboards, syndrums & lead guitar: Steve Vanguard, bass & noises: Edward Clayton-Jones, guitar: James McNab, drums: Clive Eastwood, with background vocals: Cathy & Melanie

Engineer: Groper, Mixdown: Ron Rude & Peter inglis (at Pitt St Studio), Cover Art: Steve Vanguard, Produced by Ron Rude, Thanks to my Mother (R.R.)

  45 Record 3 (cover) - "Piano Piano" written by Ron Rude (side A)
  45 Record 3 (back) - "The Chessmen's Excursion" written by Ron Rude (side B) - Arranged by Piano Piano
Single #1: Microfilm  
Side B Centerfold  
Side B Window  
Single #2: The Fabulous Marquises  
Side A Honeymoons  
Side B 1-2-3 Factory  
Single #3: Ron Rude's Piano Piano  
Side A Piano Piano  
Side B The Chessmen's Excursion